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Why us?

Master Himalaya has always been working for the unbeatable service and unforgettable experience for the travelers. Since the inception, the company has come a long way on the path of betterment every day. We value our guests and we dedicate ourselves wholeheartedly to creating the best environment where you can enjoy your time.

Find some of the reasons why you should choose us to travel with.


We understand that your safety is the most important thing and we work to ensure the same while you are traveling with us. All our filed staffs have taken training to work safely in the mountains. Our priority is to make you sure that your safety will remain in the first place.

Uncompromising Service

We believe in giving you back the value of what you pay for. Our field staffs will leave no space to offer you the highest standard of service. You will not get any chance to wonder over why you are not getting the services promised. Our services will exceed your expectation, we can assure that you.

Experts in the Field

Be it in the office or in the field, we know the inside out of what we are doing. You will feel the same right from the beginning of your communication with us. We never claim ourselves to be the best but what we can assure is we know what we do. We always thrive to be better and we believe that each day can teach us better things. So, we always work to explore and share the experience with you.

Competitive Pricing

As a matter of fact, better service comes with a cost. But this may not be the case all the time. When you travel with, you will experience it yourself. Our pricing is highly competitive in the market. We never sell too cheap or try to keep the cost extremely high. But competitive cost never affects the standard of the service we provide.


We are always flexible in trying to create the plan that suits you. Even after the confirmation of the trip, you can always ask us to bring modifications if you need any. We never want to stick to one plan when you want a slight change to get a better experience to your comfort.