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Trek to Teach Program

All inclusive price

Trip Facts ::

Trip Start/End:
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Best Season:
September - November/ March - May
Group Size:
Minimum 02
Car, Jeep ,Van,Walking


This two-week program takes you to a short trek around rural Nepali Chepang villages and to the village/school where you will volunteer the poor, uneducated of the outer world and financially retarded Chepang students. Volunteering in such schools will help the students of those villages will elaborate them for their future. It also helps the school to train its students in the best way possible.

This trek takes you to a Chepang village of Chitwan. Chitwan itself is a very natural city with one of the beautiful national park in Asia. Chepang is originally nomads of Chitwan which own their own culture, language, tradition, lifestyle, etc.

About Chepangs

The Chepang are an indigenous Tibeto-Burman people group numbering around fifty-two thousand mainly inhabiting the rugged ridges of the Mahabharata mountain range of central Nepal.

Over the past two or three generations, the Chepang have begun to slowly shift from a semi-nomadic (slash-and-burn) lifestyle to a more settled way of life, relying increasingly upon the produce of permanent fields of maize, millet and bananas. The severe topography, however, has made permanent farming difficult (and usually insufficient) and the forest has remained an important (although decreasingly so) source of food for the Chepang. Historically, the collection of wild yams and tubers, fish caught from nearby rivers, bats and wild birds, and periodically wild deer hunted from nearby forests, have supplemented their need for carbohydrates and protein. With increasing population, lack of arable land and few irrigation options, despite forest supplements, malnutrition has been a historic problem for the Chepang who have often been characterized as the poorest of Nepal’s poor. Chepang men and women are basically egalitarian and no social ranking exists as it does in caste Nepalese society.

Why we need you

People with western influence are clearly in touch with technology, and through this, they are learning and advancing day by day. However, in remote areas of Nepal with a scarcity of education tools, it is very hard for the schools and the children to keep up. The highly educated or advanced teacher’s leave the village to work and live in Kathmandu or possibly in the western countries to live high society life. The remote village schools do their best, but their facilities, supplies, and educational materials are limited and dated.

We need volunteers who are fluent in English and help us bring supplies to the schools and help those villages increase their literacy and connection to the world.

We provide:

You will stay in home stay where arrangement of fixed home stay to live in will be made with separate private rooms. However, there are no possibilities to arrange a separate bath and toilet in the villages. You will be served common meals such as locally produced organic rice, vegetable and dal (lentil) whatever a family member eat. People in the villages will be very friendly, helpful and supportive, they will treat guest as a god, will be always greeted by them with smiling and Namaskar (it is Nepali greeting when people meet, they respect other with Namaste) despite of unfamiliar or not speaking your language.

We do also provide extra activities like jungle activities in Chitwan and sightseeing in Kathmandu for your refreshment which are inclusive within the cost.

Essential things you need to bring

To cope with dynamic environment phenomenon, some essential equipment needs to be considered mandatorily to make a successful and enjoyable trip. We are going to serve in the remote and rural village where we have to make arrangement of required equipment’s prior to leave for. However, Chepang village lies in low altitude; there is no possibility, or risk and fear of happening altitude sickness. The weather is also not so cold. Despite of sunny whole day, night will be a bit cold as compared to day. We recommend volunteers bring sleeping bags, flashlight, seasonal clothes, trekking shoes, toiletries accessories, simple medicine.

What are included?

  • Airport pickups and drops
  • All accommodations
  • All meals during trek and volunteer
  • English speaking guide
  • Sightseeing fees
  • Volunteer certificate
  • All government taxes

What are not included?

  • Insurance medical, travel, personal belongings
  • Flight international and domestic
  • Personal expenses such as gift items, beverage, water bottle
  • Visa renewal and obtaining.
  • Other expenses incidental cases.

Trip Enquiry

The itinerary listed is a guideline and standard pattern which we provide you. This trekking can be modified according to your time and requirements. We will be pleased if you provide every minor details about your trip.

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