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White Water Rafting is an amazing experience in Nepal. Fueled by the high current rivers, get ready to twist and turn, flip and flow, and enjoy the magnificent rapids in the rivers of Trishuli and Bhotekoshi.

White water adventure started a long way back in Nepal

It wasn't hard for water enthusiasts to discover the natural adrenaline flow in the speedy Nepali rivers. Trishuli and Bhotekoshi rivers are by far the most popular destinations for rafting. However, there are several rivers suited for this adventure. In fact, there are more than 6000 rivers in Nepal. Hence, rafting opportunities are simply limitless. Besides white water rafting, kayaking is also another popular adventure in Nepal. However, Kayaking takes more experience, skills and training. On the other hand, rafting in Trishuli and Bhotekoshi is possible with a brief training just before the adventure.

Skills and experience needed for white water rafting activity in Nepali Rivers

Comparatively, Bhotekoshi river rafting is considered more challenging than Trishuli. In both cases, safety is insured with helmets, life jackets and a life guard. An experienced Kayak rider will also follow along with the boat for extra precaution. White water river rafting is only a day or two full of activities. So it is wise for you to choose this adventure as an extension to other trips. This way, the water adventure adds extra coolness to your travel. For instance, Trishuli River rafting can work as an addition to trip to Chitwan, Pokhara or Lumbini. Similarly, Bhotekoshi River Rafting can be mixed with bungee jumping and other adventures in the Last Resort. Scroll down to see Trishuli and Bhotekoshi River rafting trip itinerary in detail. If you want more options, feel free to contact us.

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Trishuli River Rafting – White Water Rafting in Nepal

Trishuli River Rafting – White Water Rafting in Nepal

Trishuli River Rafting is an adventurous white water activity in Nepal. Experience the thrust…

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