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Mountain Biking is cited as an exciting adventure in Nepal. This is due to the country's windy hill roads, green ecosystem, and natural formation.  With mountain biking in Nepal, you get to cycle in and around the rims of Kathmandu Valley or take this adventure to a whole new level with long-distance riding. As soon as you get outside Kathmandu (the crowded center), open blue skies, green hills, snowy mountain backdrops, and beautiful villages will boost your enthusiasm to cycle. Nepal mountain bike tours let you explore this hilly country with various spots where you can enjoy cycling in nature. By cycling in Nepal, you get to scroll and explore various cycling and biking adventures in this amazing country.

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Mountain Bike Tour in Nepal (Himalaya Foothill Cycling)

Mountain Bike Tour in Nepal (Himalaya Foothill Cycling)

Mountain Bike Tour (Himalaya Foothill Cycling) is an amazing ride experience in and around…

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1. Is mountain biking harder than road cycling?

 If you are considering mountain biking in Nepal, then you should know that you are riding a fair distance along with using more muscle types than a   standard long-distance road cycling day. With mountain biking, there are more maneuvering and obstacles that need both breakings, a burst of energy.  Usually, bikes are typically heavier, which, overall makes for a harder workout.

2. What does mountain biking do for your body?

The tough demands of mountain biking stimulate your body to release natural endorphins, which are the body’s way of feeling good and getting more energy. Exercise also boosts serotonin, a very neurotransmitter in the brain that helps to prevent depression and anxiety. With these huge advantages, you definitely want to look for Nepal mountain bike tours to experience it for yourself.

3. Why is Nepal famous for Mountain Cycling?

Mountain cycling is famous in Nepal as Nepal offers a perfect composition of adventurous landscapes, rugged and wild paths making the cycling experience one of a journey. Cycling in Nepal lets you get that adrenalin rush with exposure to majestic mountain views, luscious greenery, pristine glacial lakes, and many more.

4. Is Mountain Cycling safe in Nepal?

Mountain Cycling in Nepal comes with a fair share of risks. That doesn’t mean it is dangerous. You would want to remain careful on downhill sections of trails. Inspecting your bike before setting on a cycling journey is always a good idea to ensure that bike doesn’t have a faulty part. If you are opting for Nepal mountain bike tours, make sure that you are associated with a credible and experienced tour company.