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If you are travelling for adventure or you are looking for some trekking, mountaineering, etc, Nepal can be the best choice for you. Nepal is a country of mountains and hills, and hence is rich in the landscapes and scenes that are literally different than other parts of the world. It is an small country situated between the plain land of India and Highland of Tibet. The culture, people and places, all are so rich and pleasant that it will satisfy your spirit within itself.

Nepal can also be your meditation retreat destination, adventure challenge and spiritual inspiration. 


Trekking in Nepal

Trekking in Nepal is an unique experience of life time. The hovering Himalayas which are reachable only by foot have eye catching escapes. Eight of the ten highest summits in world lies in Nepal.  And the Nepal trekking trails leading towards them provides so authenticity trekking experiences in the world trekking. The cultures, nomad peoples, tea houses add more flavor to the trek. The spiritual pull of the Himalayas is another interesting factor. The Himalaya is the place where Hindu god used to do meditation. The cool weather, sunny day, sky Crapper Mountains, ethic native lifestyle, Buddha prayer flags and yaks on the way can lift anyone’s spirit. 

Peak Climbing/ Expedition

Nepal is number one destination for peak climbing and Mountaineering. Since It is a country of mountains, it has plenty to offer for the climbers. Out of the 10 highest mountains in the world 8 of them lies in Nepal. And For the most, world's highest mountain Mt. Everest stands in this country where every Passionate climber dreams to step in. 


To adventure mean is to engage in Exciting or daring Experience/Activities. Nepal has so many of such activities to offer you absolute adventure. Rafting, bungee jump, Paragliding, skiing, Jungle activities, off-road driving, and many more. All of the adventure varies from other. The most daring adventure is to climb a mountain and Nepal has 100' of mountain to offer you climbing experience

Tours in Nepal

Touring Nepal can be exotic and pleasent. You can explore the architecture of kathmandu valley from midieval period, enjoy the Lake city Pokhara that lies in the foot of Mt. annapurna, fishtail and dhaulagiri, Go for jungle activites in Chitwan, do a short trek to poohill, and many more. You have plenty of options to choose from to enjoy this Himalayan nation

Day Tours

Day tours are the tours travelers take one their leisure day or to see a special place. while you are in Kathmandu you will have lots of local places too see except the sightseeing places. A day tour can offer you to visit such places of you interest Whether it is walking around the near hill station or national parks or Buddha stupas or monasteries or a day activity like bungee jump or day rafting, etc

Jungle Safari/ Wildlife tours

In the plain lands of Nepal, Varieties of Floras and faunas are habitat and are preserved well. National parks and haunting reserves are established. Wetland are protected. You can enjoy the sterling beauties of nature  with lots of jungle activities like jungle safari, jungle walk, fishing, jungle camping, bird watching etc. 

White Water Rafting

Rafting in Nepal offers varieties of challenges and excitement. It provides all kind of rivers from beginners to skilled rafters. Rafting in Himalayan river is different comparing the current of river. Different river has different current. A rafting in Himalayan river is a experience of lifetime.

Nepal Volunteers Tour

Nepal is a developing country and it need the people from developed countries to teach Knowledge. volunteering Nepal has been the choice of people around the world where they can teach the people wide range of knowledge and on the contrary visit the country. Nepal has been facing problems and the generation need people to support them. Support the village people, Poor students, poor family, sanitation, etc. 


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