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Traveling to Himalaya – 5 things to keep in mind

Traveling to Himalaya is one of the lifetime travel experience. You got to see many highlands and experience cold places.  The adaption of the Himalayan people towards the cold and altitude is way different than anywhere in the world.Himalaya is the place of altitude which holds all the top 10 highest mountains in the world including Mt. Everest.

So, Himalaya is a world of the mountain in itself.Most of the Himalayan trips starts from Kathmandu, Nepal. A very ancient and beautiful valley on earth. It is located at the altitude of 1400M, higher than most of the cities in Europe, America, and Australia.

But the altitude won’t affect anyone here. But due to the altitude, the temperature keeps mild in summer and very cold in winter. Keep in mind that the day and night temperature differs highly. Night temperature goes down sharply because of altitude.Here are the points to keep in mind

  • Cold

The higher you go, the colder you face. Be prepared with warm woolen clothes and wind stoppers. Do not forget inner thermals too. If you are going trekking never forget wind stoppers and down jackets. The altitude brings the cold wind all the way from snow.

  • Altitude sickness

For the most of the people living in sea level or lower than 500M, this could be the problem. If you ignore the altitude it makes you sick. You need to be emergency evacuated. The more you stay the more you are affected. So, take the precautions. Do not move fast. Take proper rest as you reach a certain height. Move slowly and make yourself adapt to the altitude as you go high.

  • Fitness

You are mostly doing trekking to see the places in Himalaya. So, you ought to have proper fitness. Exercise 1 or 2 months prior to your departure.

  • Insurance

Never forget your travel insurance. If you need to be evacuated by helicopter, it will save the high cost of helicopter charter and also medical treatments. The costs are very high.

  • Equipment

Check your equipment properly. Sleeping bag, water bottles, sunglasses, cold cream, Etc. You are going to need it and it is going to be a lot useful.