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Tourism and Covid-19 | Future of Travel Industry Post Covid in Nepal

Well, the world really got to see different facets of humankind through Covid-19. While we got to experience the utmost strength of humans and their unity like never before. The human race also had the opportunity to witness the detrimental impact of the deadly coronavirus on every aspect.

The tourism industry couldn’t be an exception. Tourism and Covid-19 are certain words that don’t sound to go well in these days and times. Thanks to Covid-19, the whole travelling industry have been shattered and still recovering from the loss.

That being said, every bad thing must come to an end, right. The new post-Covid travel policy has indeed helped the world to explore the perks of travelling while implementing various precautions. So, let’s appreciate the beauty of nature and travelling while implementing all the guidelines.  

Post-Covid Travel Industry In Nepal- The Need For Post-Covid 19 Travel Guidelines 

If you are looking forward to a life-changing travelling experience, then Nepal sure has to offer a lot and will probably leave you stunned. However, the travel industry after Covid19 has changed a lot. In fact, it has come with a lot of policies and guidelines to consider.

This is because there still remains a risk for Covid19. And no matter what, we all have to pay a fair share of our part as responsible human beings and follow the necessary guidelines. Be sure to follow these Post-covid 19 guidelines during your travelling to Nepal:

  1. Proof of negative RT- PCR test taken within 72 hours of flight of first departure or evidence of complete vaccination against covid-19. Children below 5 are exceptions in this case.
  1. Visa to Nepal or recommendation letter from Department of Tourism or Nepal Tourism Board to undertake tourism activities within Nepal.
  1.  Booking confirmation from Hotel or accommodation facilities, with ten days’ quarantine in Nepal if not vaccinated.
  1. Travel Insurance includes emergency search, rescue, treatment, and many more with an estimated cost of around 5000 dollars.
  1. If you are intending mountaineering expeditions and trekkings in Nepal, then you are required to acquire a visa before arrival. In case of unavailability of visa provision for Nepal, your travel and trekking agencies in Nepal should make necessary prior arrangements for you to enter Nepal.
  1. On arrival, all vaccinated or unvaccinated tourists are required to stay 7 days quarantine in Kathmandu. Tourists should continue with the travelling plans only upon testing negative. If tested positive, they are required to stay quarantined at their own cost up until tested negative. 

Places To Visit In Nepal Post Covid-19 For Strengthening Tourism

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The coronavirus pandemic certainly shattered the world. But hey, that doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy the beauty of the land of the Himalayas. The travel industry after Covid 19 is really trying its best to catch the pace. However, the only thing that can sustain and give it much needed support is the flow of people.

That being said, Post covid travel industry in Nepal can gain momentum if you explore these wonderful places and witness the magic for yourself. This might take a considerable amount of time given the fact that the travel industry has to navigate and implement some major changes post covid. Some of the places to visit in Nepal for recovery of the tourism industry:

1. Everest Trekking Area

We mean mention of Nepal never gets complete without the name of Everest. So, this shouldn’t come as a surprise that the Everest region would act as a saviour for revamping the tourism industry post-Covid.

The ultimate dream of many fearless climbers will fill you with adrenalin. The Everest base camp trek will let you see the magic for yourself with the gorgeous view of Mt.Everest, Mt. Lhotse and Mt. Makalu. 

Another magnificent part of the Everest area has to be the Gokyo lake area. You get to explore Namche Bazar, Gokyo valley and Gokyo lake. In this region, you also have the liberty to experience the amazing snowcapped pinnacles of Everest and other epic mountains along with sightseeing of Namche Bazar. 

So, if you’re considering giving a shot to the tourism industry after Covid 19, then do explore this area for sure.

2. Annapurna Base Camp

Another iconic place that you really can’t miss on. Annapurna Base Camp trek is one place that has the utmost potential to revive the tourism industry from the devastating impact of covid.

Heaven in itself- Annapurna Base Camp will give you the opportunity to witness the overall magic of the Annapurna conservation area. You will also get to see different views of Annapurna Massif and Machhapuchre. The magnificent view of sunrise over the Annapurna range from the heights of Poon Hill will make you fall in love with nature and life like never before.  

The area is filled with luscious rhododendron forests, bamboo and a serene view of gorgeous landscapes. Post covid travel industry in Nepal specifically needs support specifically in mountaineering and trekking regions. ABC trek happens to be one such place.   

The beautiful local community and Tamang heritage are the bonus points of this trip which will make you realize how uplifting and beautiful human dynamics can be. Overall, you will be delighted with the view of snowcapped mountains and the warm hospitality of the locals.

3. Langtang Region

If you want to really help with the progress of the travel industry in Nepal post covid, then the Langtang region is another excellent choice. Langtang region has in store the magnetic beauty of Langtang valley with the enthralling Gosaikunda lake. 

The Gosaikunda is the heart of this region. It also happens to be the sacred lake and famous pilgrimage site for Buddhists and Hindus. As for exploring the Langtang area is concerned, you will get to have a surreal experience. The Langtang National Park will let you explore the beautiful flora and fauna of this region with the rhododendron forests being the main centre of attraction.

The rich cultural heritage of the Helambu valley along with the picturesque view of snowcapped mountains will mesmerize you.  If you want to strengthen the travel industry after the pandemic, then this land is a great place to start with. This is because it already had to overcome the loss caused by the damaging aftereffects of the earthquake in 2015.

Travel Industry After Covid-19: The Need for Sustainable Tourism in Travel Industry

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With the impact left by the pandemic, there definitely needs a better approach to sustain and continue the beauty of the tourism industry. After all, the tourism industry has managed to capture the beautiful bond of human interaction and bridge the gap of the human world irrespective of the languages and location.

The covid-19 was certainly a great learning experience for all the individuals and definitely have reminded them to be grateful for all the wonderful creations of this earth. This has also reminded us to understand the need for sustainable tourism. 

To incorporate sustainable tourism, first and foremost, there has to be a significant level of strategic planning and development of various protocols. On top of that, major emphasis has to be put on hygiene and sanitation. Further, the employees working in the tourism industry have to be provided with extensive training and orientations for maintaining Standard operating procedures (SOPs) for maintaining the highest standard of sanitation and hygiene in for maintaining precaution.

Another prominent trend and practice for sustainable tourism is the use of digital mediums in a critical tourist destination. Incorporating a personalized digital experience of various tourist places might be a great alternative to appreciate the beauty of such places despite the odds. Apart from that waste management has to be among the high priority of the concerned authorities and the tourists to continue the glory of the travel industry  Post covid in Nepal.

Tips on Traveling to Nepal Post Covid

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 With Covid-19, there still remains a need to be extra careful and be aware of our responsibilities. Post covid, the travel industry in Nepal have to walk an extra mile to keep the name it has worked over the years on a global platform.

The covid-19 outbreak certainly made tourism suffer and have cultivated fear in many people. But following these safety tips can be a lot helpful during your trip to Nepal post covid:

  • It’s best not to travel on encountering any symptoms of Covid 19. Travel only when you are free from Covid19. 
  • Carry mask, face shield, gloves and sanitiser while travelling.
  • Bring your own personal safety kit while travelling.
  • Travel insurance is a vital aspect to be considered. This includes helicopter evacuation and other necessary costs that might occur for the trip.
  • Do check foreign protocols and keep up with information passed by the embassy or consulate regarding travellings.


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Restructuring the travel industry after Covid 19 certainly requires work from stakeholders.  No matter what, travelling is something that will continue to thrive and get much love from all the interested travellers across the world. So, don’t miss out on the joy of life. Rather appreciate the beauty of nature while following all the guidelines for everyone’s safety. After all, no one can escape from the calling of mother nature, can they?

Tourism and covid-19 will be the talk of the towns for quite a time. This will also be a great learning lesson for the future generation. Master Himalaya can help you navigate the beauty of travelling while making a whole lot of memorable experiences.

FAQs on Tourism and Covid-19

1. Is it safe to visit Nepal after Covid-19?

Nepal is quite safe to visit despite the impact of Covid19. However, there has been a significant amount of cases of covid-19 infected individuals. That’s why it’s always a good idea to follow all the guidelines and protocols set by the concerned authorities. With the covid19 outbreak, the tourism industry in Nepal has certainly declined. So, you will be helping to strengthen the travel industry by visiting Nepal.

2. What is the status of tourism and Covid-19 in Nepal?

Tourism has been hit hard by the Covid-19 pandemic in Nepal. The unusual outbreak of covid 19 naturally stopped the inflow of tourists and thus the tourism industry has had to witness a lot of loss. However, the travel industry after Covid 19 has been opened with compliance with all the essential guidelines for tourists and others concerned.

3. What is the impact of Covid-19 on the travel industry in Nepal?

There has been a huge loss for the travel industry in Nepal after Covid 19. The highly anticipated tourism campaign ‘’ Visit Nepal 2020’’ didn’t reach its intended goal due to the Covid pandemic. It might take a significant amount of time to overcome the obstacles to fix the problems set by the pandemic for the tourism industry. There has been fear among people regarding travelling and it would take time to return to the previous practices of travelling.

4. What remains  Post covid for the travel industry in Nepal?

Post covid, the travel industry in Nepal has to bring some major changes. Sustainable tourism can be a great concept, to begin with. Covid-19 guidelines are something that should be mandatory and everyone should follow them wholeheartedly. We all have to stay patient to watch the tourism industry prosper.