Mt. Everest is the worlds tallest standing mountain with its altitude 8848M high. It is one of the beautiful mountain of the Himalaya. You cannot drive or take a train to the Everest. The only way to do it is by trekking. Helicopters would take you but then due to altitude you cannot stand there… Read More

Trek to Everest base camp “Mt. Everest” is the world’s highest standing mountain. In a lifetime, you deserve to see this among 7 wonder of the world. Besides, The sherpa culture, mesmerizing Views and the altitude are beyond the things you cannot find anywhere in the other part of the world. So, Everest base camp… Read More

We ( Me & Wife) planned Our first trek on earth to Everest base camp. But unfortunately, with the lack of information and with our carelessness we were forced to give off without reaching half the way. We planned our trip in our hometown Barcelona, Spain. we searched on google, we read the manual and… Read More

5 Things to keep in mind before travelling to Himalaya Travelling to Himalaya is one of the life time travel experience. You got to see many highlands and experience the cold places.  The adaption of the Himalayan people towards the cold and altitude is way different than anywhere in the world. Himalaya is the place… Read More

She got out of shower and turned on her laptop. I asked,” What are you doing” She answered,”Am looking for some adventures for our vacation” I was excited. Always had “Mt. Everest” in my mind. I said,” Lets go for a trek to Mt Everest base camp (5380m)” :D She first excitement with her eyes… Read More

According to a research conducted by “Miyamoto International” under the authority of tourism ministry and civil aviation Nepal, Everest has been declared safe to visit. Miyamoto researched on Technical and Geographical subject. It studied Hotels, lodges, trail, bridges, etc. A total of 710 Houses of 15 VDC were analyzed and 83% were found safe. Only 120… Read More

The buddha prayer flags and the shining mountains and you are standing above the sherpa village namche bazar…. This is undisputed parardise “syangboche”… Read More

Master Himalaya is well an established company in tourism industry of Nepal. It is a company owned by experienced personals of Nepal tourism who has been in this industry for decades. After working long in this field understanding the do’s and don’ts, this company was established with a true spirit of providing excellent services to… Read More