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November 16, 2018 Master Himalaya

Lakeside Pokhara

An experience you should have on your Christmas Holidays in Pokhara.

It might be difficult to plan a perfect holiday. If you closed your eyes for a second to plan a perfect holiday destination you might think too many places at single second.  Then, you start to choose your wish list destination.  Now, after selection of destination, you calculate the budget to travel.  In case the calculate budget is not enough to travel the wish list destinations. You start to search for budget travel places.  Let me make this task simple for you.  I will tell you the experience you should have at Pokhara on this Christmas holiday on your budget.

As we all know every destination has its own originality to attract the visitor. Here are also some most exciting places which will leave you speechless and make your holiday worthwhile on the limited budget.

Explore the city of Lake Pokhara & experience the Night Live music on the bank of Fewa Lake:

Music makes your travel complete & gives a soul to the universe.  While you are at Pokhara you should not miss the live music on the bank of Fewa Lake. You can spend night time on clubs or bars with live music.  They try to play Music of your choice too.

There are lots of such beautiful and breathtaking places to explore at Pokhara. The thatched and stoned roundhouses at Sarangkot, the views of Mount Machhapuchre from the peace stupa, the religious Barhi temple located at the central part of the Fewa Lake are just awesome.

If you are interested in adventure something like paragliding, zip flyer, bungee jump then, Pokhara will be the awesome destination.  You can add some extra activities like fishing on Begnas Lake it takes approximately 1 hour in private vehicle from Pokhara.

Sightseeing in Pokhara is less expensive in comparison to Kathmandu.  For dinner and Lunch, Lakeside Pokhara is a little bit expensive.  The Nepali cuisine “ Thakali Khana” is quite famous in Pokhara you can add on your dinner list. It cost between $3 to $6 as per the area. For accommodation you can stay in Hostel/ Lodge it will be quite cheap in comparison to Hotels.

My Experience & Dream for Paragliding on Pokhara.

When I was at the primary level I used to hear that Pokhara is one of the Luxury cities. I got a chance to travel Pokhara at High school and notice that why Pokhara is called the luxury city….???? The reasons behind the luxuries are surrounded by natural vegetation, beautiful lakes, stylish restaurants & cafe and gateway to the Annapurna region. The most important thing I notice about Pokhara is it’s very neat and clean. The people have maintained cleanness & hygienic in the area.

Probably, in trek and peak season you can see more tourists.  In the meantime, I saw people enjoy adventures like paragliding, zip flyer and ultra-flight opposite side of the lake.  Then, I make my first wish to do Paragliding on my next visit and return from there.

Peace Stupa

My Second Visit in Pokhara

My second visit to Pokhara was on 15 Oct 2018, and I witnessed a lot of changes there.  The change I found is there are lots of eateries & cafe, live music on the bank of Phewa Lake at night, and you can hire a boat on Fewa Lake at night on request. It will cost USD $ 8 for 3 hours.  For refreshment, you can have liquors on the lakeside.  The area has become slightly crowded as the consequences of internal tourist.  On this visit I have to fulfill my wish, I went to book for Paragliding around 11:15am in the morning but the booking was closed.

They refuse to take the booking, told that if you want to do paragliding you need to book before the day of Paragliding. Since there are only two shifts for paragliding in a day. They don’t take a further booking, considering the weather condition. First shift will be around 8 am to 9am in the morning and Second shift will be around 11am in the morning.   The adventure operator advises me to book today for next day paragliding.

Barahi Mandir

Barahi Temple at Pokhara

It was my last day at Pokhara. My budget was running out, it was not enough to stay one more day for paragliding. Then I started to calculate the budget, it was a festive time, local bus fare will be too high they don’t even give student discount facility on festive time if it was not festive time I was supposed to receive 35% discount on the total amount in the local bus.  I am sure even we request to the conductor they don’t give us a discount so I need to spend 600 NPR on the Local bus to Kathmandu.  On the way for lunch, I may spend around 300 NPR. Finally, it will remain 100 NPR with me which was insufficient to stay.

For paragliding, it cost 6000 NPR for Nepali & Non-Nepali which I have saved only for paragliding. There is no chance to spend paragliding amount on stay.  In both ways, I have to cancel my paragliding. That’s not my hometown to borrow money with friends and relative. So the last option is to return.

While returning from Pokhara I was sad my wish was unfulfilled in fact I went Pokhara only to experience paragliding. Later, I realized that it was all my fault I have n’t checked booking information online before I went to Pokhara  If I have done so. I would have booked before and my dream come true.  Again my wish remains unfulfilled.  I have planned to visit Pokhara on this Christmas to experience paragliding if not Christmas then I will definitely be there in New Year Time.  So in advance, Happy Christmas and Happy New year 2019.