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Jungle Safari/ Wildlife tours

In the plain lands of Nepal, Varieties of Floras and faunas are habitat and are preserved well. National parks and haunting reserves are established. Wetland are protected. You can enjoy the sterling beauties of nature  with lots of jungle activities like jungle safari, jungle walk, fishing, jungle camping, bird watching etc in Nepal. 

Varieties of birds, wild animals, herbs, plants, Himalayan river, are the attraction. One horned rhinos are found only in Nepal. Leopard and bengal tigers are other attraction for wild lovers. Wild bear,kingfisher, flycather, wild elephants, etc and many more are habitat of the Nepal. 

So, a jungle or nature lover will absolutely find their pleasure on taking these tours

Chitwan national park and Bardia national park are the main lands to explore the jungle and its habitats. Besides, Suklafanta wildlife reserve, Koshi tappu wildlife reserve are also best land for wildlife and jungle experience. Nepal has numerous National parks and Wildlife reserves, Wildlife lovers and jungle lovers have wide range of places and activities to choose from Nepal's national park. 

Elephant Safari in Chitwan

Chitwan Jungle Safari tour

Duration: 4

Chitwan National park, Nepal’s first national park, is a Green place to enjoy the natural activities. It lie 150 KMs south to Kathmandu. It is home to different species flora and faunas. The wilderness of Chitwan national park is true experience.

Asian Elephants in chitwan

Kathmandu and Chitwan tour

Kathmandu and chitwan tour takes you from City of bricks, Kathmandu, to Natural jungle of Chitwan. Exploring the history and culture of the Kathmandu city which holds ancient temples and architecture is a educational experience. where as relaxing in the nature and exploring the wilderness of jungle which holds many rare species of flora and fauna in Chitwan is natural experience. 

Chitwan with Rafting Tour

Chitwan with Rafting tour

This tour takes you to the natural and forestry wonder chitwan with a taste of rafting in Himalayan river "Trisuli". Trishuli River is one of the most popular rivers for rafting. It provides 2 to 3 rapids but the river promises a more challenging ride, with powerful rapids during monsoon. It can easily bring joy a rafting seeker seeks in rafting.