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Day Tours

Day tours are the tours travelers take one their leisure day or to see a special place. while you are in Kathmandu you will have lots of local places too see except the sightseeing places. A day tour can offer you to visit such places of you interest Whether it is walking around the near hill station or national parks or Buddha stupas or monasteries or a day activity like bungee jump or day rafting, etc

After you have done your treks and tours, and you still have a cozy time to spend with then we will off-course want to take a activity you haven't done or see a place of special interest you haven't seen. for such cases, we have some listed day tours programs or we can make a program according to your interest also.

Kathmandu World Heritage Sites tour

Kathmandu valley owns various art, culture, lifestyle and historical sites of Nepal.  It is crowded with old temples, Stupas, monuments and historical settlements within the diameter of 30 kilometers.This day tour takes you to four places – Kathmandu durbar square, Soyembhunath stupa, Pashupatinath temple and Baudhanath stupa.

Kathmandu Day Cycling tour

Chobhar hill, situated 9 kilometers south of Kathmandu, can be reached with a ride on a bike. The Chobhar Gorge and adhinath temple are the main attraction there. Biking to chovar George offers beautiful sce...

Day hiking around kathmandu

A day hiking around Kathmandu valley offers you fantastic mountain views and gives you opportunity to observe the real life of Kathmandu. The countryside of Kathmandu is rich in natural and cultural diversity. The terraces, typical villages and green forest are picturesque. Kathmandu valley is rich in traditional lifestyles and its cultures

Bungy Jump

A scenic three hours ride from Kathmandu valley will take you to the top of the Bhotekoshi river gorge close to the Tibetan border where you will jump off the bridge to experience the world’s longest bungee jump.

Kathmandu Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing in Kathmandu has been naturally popular these days. It provides climbing from beginners to the experts. The natural formations of the rocks provides absolute entertainment of rock-climbing. 

Bhaktapur day tour

Bhaktapur is the royal place of of old Bhaktapur kingdom. The architecture of this Bhaktapur palace was designed during lichivari period between 9th - 18th century. Bhaktapur is known as city of devotees or Bhadgoan and it lies  20 KM east of kathmandu. 

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