How many days it will take to do Everest Base camp trek?

Mt. Everest is the worlds tallest standing mountain with its altitude 8848M high. It is one of the beautiful mountain of the Himalaya. You cannot drive or take a train to the Everest. The only way to do it is by trekking. Helicopters would take you but then due to altitude you cannot stand there more than 20 minutes because of Severe altitude Sickness thread. Also, you will have to skip all the beautiful places and scenery you could enjoy on the way trekking. Continue reading

10 Experiences you need to have have in Nepal before you die

  1. Trek to Everest base camp
Everest Base Camp trek
Everest Base Camp trek

“Mt. Everest” is the world’s highest standing mountain. In a lifetime, you deserve to see this among 7 wonder of the world. Besides, The sherpa culture, mesmerizing Views and the altitude are beyond the things you cannot find anywhere in the other part of the world. So, Everest base camp trek is one of the trek you should do before you die.

2. Eat Dal Bhat

Dal bhat
Dal bhat

Dal bhat is the Nepalese power. It is the both Lunch and the dinner of Nepalese people. It is a very heavy food and bare westerners can finish it. It comprise of Dal (lentils), Bhat (rice), Curry, Vegetables, Meat curry, Salad and Pickles.

3. Explore western Nepal

Western Nepal
Western Nepal

Travelling to West Nepal is like Travelling to kathmandu back in 1960’s/70’s. The region is so authentic and not much westernized. You will love the culture, people, and the pristine scenes and lively Nepal.

4. Try Rickshaw


Kathmandu Rickshaw
Kathmandu Rickshaw

A short your around kathmandu in a rickshaw is awesome. Ride with the rider, listen to his stories, Try chai (tea) with him and ride through the crowded places. I swear you will enjoy his guidance better than anyone. Rickshaw ride in kathmandu is crazy and yes awesome…. At last….. Dont forget to take a selfie with the driver LOL

5. Himalayan white water rafting

Himalayan white water rafting
Himalayan white water rafting

Himalayan white water rafting is different rafting experience compared to rest of the world. The water flows from mountains and have different current and pace. The water is cold and so clear. There are several category rivers for beginners to the experts. If you are an advuntere rafter, Seti river or kaligandaki river is awaiting you to challenge yourself.

6. Upper mustang

Upper mustang
Upper mustang

Upper mustang is known as forbidden kingdom. It was allowed to visit for foreigners till 1992. The place is still so rare in the world to find. It is influence by Tibetan culture but is still one of the best place to explore in the world.

7. Road trip

Nepal road trip
Nepal road trip (P.c: Gunther holtrof)

Taking the road trip in Nepal is the best road trip adventure. The zig zag roads, Mountain sceneries, rough roads and Magnificient views on the way will owe you.

8. Bunjee jump


Bungee jump is an amazing adventure in spectacular setting. The jump takes place on a 166m wide steel suspension bridge over the Bhotekoshi River Gorge. This remarkable 500ft (160m) drop into the Bhotekoshi River Gorge is the longest free-fall in the world.

9. Chitwan National Park safari

Chiwan jungle safari
Chiwan jungle safari

Chitwan is the city of jungle. It offers of wide range of jungle activites in Chitwan national park. Jungle safari, Canyoning, Jeep safari, Jungle walk, Jungle camping, etc are famous activities to do in Chitwan. Jungle safari in chitwan takes you to see one horned rhino, bengal tiger, bear, etc. One horned Rhino is only found in Nepal and some part of India.

10. Paragliding

Paragliding in nepal
Paragliding in nepal

Paragliding at Pokhara is a delightful experience of flying over the Fewa Lake and Pokhara city and parallel to the sky crapping mountains: Mt. fishtail, Mt. Annapurna & Mt. Dhaulagiri. Paragliding in Pokhara is a best way to feel the taste of flying over the beautiful valley enjoying the scenic mountain range like a bird.


Beyond these 10 Activities, Himalaya yoga is one of the most important thing to try on your lifetime. If you are a meditation lover, then Nepal is absolutely the best place to try this. 100’s of thousands of people come to Nepal for meditation because of its Peaceful nature and Buddha spirit.

We’re heading for Everest base camp but only made it to Dingboche

We ( Me & Wife) planned Our first trek on earth to Everest base camp. But unfortunately, with the lack of information and with our carelessness we were forced to give off without reaching half the way.

We planned our trip in our hometown Barcelona, Spain. we searched on google, we read the manual and itinerary from many trekking agency. but then, we flew to Kathmandu without any preparation with the plan to make shopping in Kathmandu.

In Kathmandu, we found many shops, we did some shopping’s. Trekking shoes, down jackets, inner thermal, water proofs, trekking suits, sleeping bag, thermal water bottle, sunglasses, warm woolen caps, shocks, etc.  Prices were totally fair and reasonable. Our guide helped us to shop our things.

On our first day, we flew to the world most dangerous airport lukla, the gateway to Everest base camp. we were with guide but no porter and was supposed to complete our trek within 14 days. Our bag-pack was not so heavy, we could deal with it ourselves. our guide was so helpful, experienced, friendly and active.

we were the office workers in our town, we worked for the bank in our town. we didn’t have much fitness and though, we didn’t prepare with exercising before coming here. It was hard walk for us, me and my wife, following the first day from lukla to phakding. Next day, we it was even harder for us to walk to namche. but we made it slowly. The next day to Tengboche, it was much much harder path to tengboche. it was hard uphill climbings. we walked on the pace of tortoise, but still our guide calmly took us to tengboche. Now, we were feeling pain it our legs and back.  We slept soon we got our room keys. our guide came to invite for dinner, we woke up and we were feeling pain and little dizzy or confused. we shared it with our guide and the dizziness was due to altitude.

Next day, after breakfast we headed towards dingboche. It was not much hard walking but our body tiredness was still the obstacle. We reach dingboche on noon and we sat for coffee. after an hour, we felt so dizzy and sleepy. my wife did vomit. the guide saw this and said its not normal to go up in this condition. we may get more serious. We were so tired and altitude has already attacked us. So, the guide suggested us to go back to Kathmandu on helicopter. we did the same.

After reaching Kathmandu and doing check up in tourist hospital, we were feeling relax. On the supposition, we did the tour to pokhara and chitwan. these beautiful cities made our trip to Nepal worth-full at the end.

Everest trekking is not hard, we lack the preparation, so it was hard for us. So be carefull fitness. I will be coming back next year with all the preparations.

Everest trekking
Everest Trekking

5 Things to keep in mind before travelling to Himalaya!

5 Things to keep in mind before travelling to Himalaya

Travelling to Himalaya is one of the life time travel experience. You got to see many highlands and experience the cold places.  The adaption of the Himalayan people towards the cold and altitude is way different than anywhere in the world.

Himalaya is the place of altitude which holds all the top 10 highest mountains in the world including Mt. Everest. So, Himalaya is a world of mountain in itself.

Most of the Himalayan trips starts form Kathmandu, Nepal. A very ancient and beautiful valley on earth. It is located at the altitude of 1400M, higher than most of the cities in Europe, America and Australia. But the altitude won’t affect anyone here. But due to the altitude, the temperature keeps mild in sumer and very cold in winder. Keep in mind that the day and night temperature differs highly. Night temperature goes down sharply because of altitude.

Here are the points to keep in mind

  • Cold


The more high you go, the more cold you face. Be prepared with warm woolen clothes and wind stoppers. Do not forget inner thermals too. If you are going trekking never forget wind stoppers and down jackets. The altitude brings the cold wind all the way from snow.

  • Altitude sickness


For the most of the people living in sea level or lower than 500M this could be the problem. If you ignore the altitude it makes you sick. You need to be emergency evacuated. The more you stay the more you are effected. So, take the pre-cautions. Do not move fast. Take proper rest as you reach certain height. Move slowly and make yourself adapt to the altitude as you go high.

  • Fitness


You are mostly doing trekking to see the places in Himalaya. So, you ought to have properfitness. Exercise 1 or 2 months prior to your departure.

  • Insurance


Never forget your travel insurance. If you need to be evacuated by helicopter, it will save the high cost of helicopter charter and also medical treatments. The costs are very high.

  • Equipment


Check your equipment properly. Sleeping bag, water bottles, sun glasses, cold cream, Etc. You are going to need it and it is going to be lot useful.

Looking for some adventure?

She got out of shower and turned on her laptop.

I asked,” What are you doing”

She answered,”Am looking for some adventures for our vacation”

I was excited. Always had “Mt. Everest” in my mind.

I said,” Lets go for a trek to Mt Everest base camp (5380m)” :D

She first excitement with her eyes blowing up and showed her interest too.

And we started collecting information and finally made deal with Master Himalaya treks and expedition to make our trip. We are going to do this on October 13 flying to lukla.

We are so excited to go to the land of lord Buddha and mt. Everest, we are so excited to see the streets of Kathmandu, We are so excited to taste the local momo and dal bhat, we are so excited to meet the Sherpa, We are so excited to see the brick city, we are so excited to land on the land of himalayas…..

Everest, We are coming……….

Written by – Jhon dwelly (sydney, australlia)

Everest is Safe to visit – International Appeal

According to a research conducted by “Miyamoto International” under the authority of tourism ministry and civil aviation Nepal, Everest has been declared safe to visit.

Miyamoto researched on Technical and Geographical subject. It studied Hotels, lodges, trail, bridges, etc. A total of 710 Houses of 15 VDC were analyzed and 83% were found safe. Only 120 houses were affected (Most of them minor damage). It also found that most of the houses has 0% effect. The trail and bridges are 100% safe.

Damages are already under construction and maintenance.

The buddha prayer flags and the shining mountains and you are standing above the sherpa village namche bazar…. This is undisputed parardise “syangboche”

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