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Nepal Road Trips

What is overlanding?

Overlanding is going through the place, not jumping to the place. It is about enjoying all the scenery, history, culture and self-sufficiency of all the places you travel through.

Overlanding is journey for purpose. It is an adventure drive to the remote destinations. You travel to the goal destination through the many unseen and unreached primary destinations. Normally the primary form of accommodation is camping whereas fooding is normally choosing the local dishes. Catching the every moment of your travel is one of the benefits of overlanding. Overland expeditions can last weeks to years depending upon the boundaries.

Pack your Essentials and let the wheels drive you exotic

Overlanding with Master Himalaya

Overlanding with us is urging the most adventurous road trips of life time. We organize overland trip to most of the Himalayan region where there has been the approach of road. We organize it safe, adventurous and worthy. We organize road trips around south Asia which includes overlanding in India, Myanmar, Thailand, sri lanka, Tibet, Nepal, Bhutan and Bangladesh. We organize cross country trips too. Please see our packages and itinerary below for more details:

Nepal Road Trip

Nepal Road Trip

Making the road trip through Nepal is the most passionate trips ever. The diversity enrichment mingles with the concealed sceneries and the shades of mountains eclipse the plains. The roads are extended and are snaky. Driving....

Mustang overland (4wd) tour

Overland to the forbidden kingdom

Duration: 11

The Tibetan culture, Himalayan life, their own existence and a very typical life style are the words that describe Upper Mustang in a sentence. Actually, there are simply no words that can describe the word. Those who take the trip will return back with the spirit of overland tripping in Himalayan region.

Mustang Overland Tour

Motorbike trip to upper mustang

A Motorbike trip to mustang gives your the riding taste of scenic off road riding. You will drive from the city of lake towards the northern Himalayas.

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nepal overland informations

Everything you need to know before going overland in Himalaya